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Holabird Sports

Position: Creative Department

Zodiac: Virgo

Sports: Running, Dancing, Hot Yoga

Weirdest Quirk: No matter what it is, I never finish a drink. I always leave a little bit in the bottom.

Favorite Games: Card Games, Cranium, Risk.

Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones

Favorite Childhood Toy: Polly Pockets.

Allison D.

Holabird Sports Family Member Since 2011.

I’ve a soft spot for good beer, good wine, good music, and good company. I pride myself on being able to professionally (and unprofessionally) dance. My soft spot is the Argentine Tango, which I dance on a regular basis.

On a typical Saturday night, you can either find me at the Sound Garden buying some old school tunes, Max’s for a nice cold Crispin, or maybe, if you’re lucky, catch me singing my heart out off-key to some karaoke at Nevin’s on Cross Street. I’m a Mac girl at heart, I tend to worship everything and anything Apple, and I can specifically site the differences between versions of Adobe products.

I’d like to think of myself more as a “jogger” – I’ve only hit 5 miles at a time, I’m currently striving for 6. Most every morning I’m at least fitting in 2 miles if not more. Hopefully one of these days I’ll get there and maybe run at least a half marathon. Although I think I could be fully motivated by zombies. Or zucchini brownies. Don’t judge – they’re amazing. And definitely worth running towards. I also do Hot Yoga (it’s the bane of my existence, and yet I still catch myself going back every single week). A friend tried to teach me tennis in high school, but that lesson promptly ended five minutes into it with me deciding that tennis just wasn’t my thing (after failing to hit a single ball).

I’d have to say that my favorite Holabird memory involves several conversations between Ryan, Dustin and myself. Mostly the ones where Dustin and Ryan start geeking out about last night’s episode of Through the Wormhole and cracking me up. Or talking about Star Wars vs. Star Trek. (For the record – I’m the only Trekkie fan).

I think I’m probably best at making a fool of myself. I’m definitely worst at making bacon. I mean, I am HORRIBLE at frying bacon. It’s either always too slimy and undercooked or too black. Never come over for breakfast, I assure you you’ll be disappointed. However, I do like cooking fancy dinners for friends. Although I have to say I think I like baking more. Licking the batter out of the bowl for the win! My favorite food is good macaroni and cheese. And by good, I don’t mean this namby pamby Kraft stuff. I’m thinking lots of cheese, lots of cream, and maybe even some bacon thrown into the mix—as long as someone else fries the bacon.

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