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The Holabird Family

Position: Customer Service Specialist

Zodiac: Cancer

Sports: Running, Hunting, Swimming

Ketchup or Mustard: Ketchup

First Car: Chevy Cavalier

Favorite Candy: Dark Chocolate

Favorite Midnight Snack: Ice cream!

LeaAnn D.

Holabird Sports Family Member Since 2007.

I feel that I am very down to earth. I try to stay optimistic and make the most out of life—after all, we're only here for a short time and should make the best of it. I am fun, easy-going, caring, and I always love helping others out whenever possible.

In my spare time I enjoy taking long drives in my Jeep, and taking pictures. I enjoy going to happy hour and spending time with my closest friends. I love to cook—it doesn't matter what I'm cooking, I enjoy it no matter what. I'm definitely a night owl, and I'd have to say that the one thing I'm worst at is getting up in the morning! I also run for about 30-45 minutes 4-5 times a week. I believe that whenever you set a goal for yourself, stick with it and follow through, anything is possible!.

I have two dogs and a turtle. I love spending time outdoors and I'm a member of the NRA. My hobbies include hunting, target shooting, and fishing. I like to vacation in the mountains and my favorite season is fall. My favorite food is any kind of seafood, but the one food I could never give up is pizza. My go to midnight snack is ice cream and my favorite sundae topping is hot fudge. I have to admit that it's a little bit of a guilty pleasure, but I like reading gossip magazines!

My favorite moment at Holabird Sports was getting to know everyone. All my co-workers feel like family and everyone is always there for each other.

Meet the Holabird Family


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