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Holabird Sports employs professional tennis racquet stringers

Ask the Stringer: Is Natural Gut String Really What It Sounds Like? Is It Worth the Higher Price?

Q: Is Natural Gut String Really What It Sounds Like? Is It Worth the Higher Price? A: Yes, natural gut really is what it sounds like. To be a bit more specific, it is actually made by processing a part of [...]

June 28, 2013 Tennis
Mizuno Wave Rider 16 meme

Mizuno Wave Rider 16 Running Shoes – Bestsellers after Filibuster

I’m sure that Mizuno wasn’t expecting a Texas filibuster to be the impetus behind their next bestseller. Senator Wendy Davis and her 11-hour filibuster have been huge news all week, especially across social media channels. Davis, a runner, wore the [...]

June 28, 2013 Running
Track & field

Saucony’s Duane Solomon Wins 800 Meter with World-Leading Time

Last Sunday was an exciting day for Saucony! Duane Solomon, an Olympian and Saucony-sponsored athlete, won the 800-meter final at the USA Outdoor National Track & Field Championships in Des Moines, Iowa. And, even more exciting, he ran 1:43.27—that’s a [...]

June 27, 2013 Running
Mizuno Wave Rider 16 running shoes

Mizuno Wave Rider 16 Running Shoes: Support for When You’re Standing Around and Around and Around

Standing up for 12-hours is tough. Standing up to filibuster in Texas is brutal. You get no breaks: no food and no water. You get no relief: no bathroom, no sitting and no leaning. You have to speak only about [...]

June 27, 2013 Running
Ana Ivanovic in adidas Stella McCartney

Wimbledon Whites – Stella McCartney Rules the Lawn

If you have a thing for tennis whites, there is no better tournament to watch than Wimbledon. Everyone wears white. You might think white on white on white would get a bit boring. Luckily, haute couture designer Stella McCartney has taken [...]

June 27, 2013 Tennis
Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Federer

Nike’s Orange Soled One-Match Wonders at Wimbledon

Before Federer was ousted in the second round (shocking!) he ran afoul of the stringent Wimbledon fashion police. Wimbledon has the strictest dress code of all the Grand Slams. Players can only wear white with very small exceptions. Federer’s Nike [...]

June 26, 2013 Uncategorized
Novak Djokovic imitating Maria Sharapova at Wimbledon

Wimbledon: Novak Djokovic Imitates Maria Sharapova

If you haven’t seen Djokovic’s infamous impression of Maria Sharapova, it’s worth checking out… especially the little shriek at the end. While Djokovic’s impression is hilarious, this video also incudes Grigor Dimitrov doing his impression. For those of you who [...]

June 25, 2013 Tennis
Cloudsurfer running shoes review

ON Cloudsurfer Running Shoe Review – Video

After 100 miles wearing the ON Cloudsurfer running shoes, Greg Jubb gives us his in-depth video review. He talks about the unique “cloud” technology on the outsole. He explains how the clouds work and how they prevent injury. Watch this [...]

June 25, 2013 Running
Andy Murray adidas Barricade 8

Video: Andy Murray and his adidas Barricade 8 + Wimbledon

Andy Murray is playing Benjamin Becker in Wimbledon. Check out the Wimbledon Live Blog for up-to-the-minute results and live play action! Murray is wearing the new adidas Barricade 8. [...]

June 24, 2013 Tennis
adidas Barricade 8 Wimbledon

adidas Barricade 8 Tennis Shoe

The adidas Barricade 8 is out and in stores. The Barricade is one of the most beloved and bestselling tennis shoe lines available today. And when I say beloved, I mean it’s loved by everyone: pros and amateur players alike. [...]

June 24, 2013 Tennis