A Word with the Bird

When we’re not posting or blogging, we’re asking the hard-hitting questions: shoe release dates, technology advances in running and racquet sports, nutrition, training, brand’s humble beginnings and others surviving the ages.

Our Holabird Sports podcast, cleverly titled “A Word with the Bird,” is here to give you 20-25 minutes of listening in on conversations with experts in the running and racquet sports industries.

We’re just starting out, so look forward to listening to a new podcast every month (we missed July!)


latest episodes 

April 2018:

Connect with your first chakra, the base: your root chakra. Understand where your fears and anxieties may manifest and how to combat the overwhelming feels with breathwork and positive affirmations.



Learn about the benefits of meditation and indulge in a 7-minute guided meditation session with Holabird Sports’ resident yogi, Shea, and social media manager, Derek.


August 2017:

Jackie Palmer Merritt, 29, of Atlanta, GA, is a kick-ass ultra-runner, Pod-lover and Milestone Sports athlete. Jackie is also a PhD, physical therapist and biomechanist – a perfect match for a running brand focused on gait and form. She finished 7th female in 2017 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run and took home silver in the Transrockies 2017. We asked her how the pod improved her running and she had lots to say!

June 2017:

I sat down with Matt Frazier, author of “The No Meat Athlete Cookbook” and “No Meat Athlete: Run on Plants and Discover Your Fittest, Fastest, Happiest Self” to ask the entire marketing department’s basic question.. “why?”

April 2017:

Golden Harper, founder of Altra, speaks with two of Holabird’s Creative Department, Shea and Louie, about Altra’s beginning (toaster oven involved), the science of their footwear and what’s to come in Altra’s future. We find out what these foot-shaped shoes are all about and get a sneak peak on their new tech: the “smart shoe.”