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Ashaway Tennis

Ashaway: The Racquet Sport String Specialists

Ashaway Line & Twine Manufacturing Co. Vice President of Sales & Marketing Steve Crandall is a knowledgeable tennis player and 6th generation member of this 190-year-old family owned company. Ashaway’s strings are made in the US and they take pride in producing quality products for squash, racquetball, badminton and tennis racquets right here in the states. [...]

April 9, 2014 Kandice Wilson Squash & Racquetball 0
Training the minds eye

Training the Mind’s Eye

All athletes use a powerful mental skill that either helps them succeed or sets them up for failure. The difference is that many of those athletes are unaware that they are actually practicing the mental skill. This skill is most referred to as imagery or visualization. Imagery is the act of an athlete creating or [...]

February 5, 2014 Patrick Alban Running, Squash & Racquetball, Tennis 0
Sports Nutrition

Step Up to Fuel Up: Sports Nutrition

I recently had the opportunity to partake in a tennis-scouting event. I discovered that some of the athletes were missing critical opportunities to fuel up during their matches and recovery periods. As an athlete, make sure you fuel your body properly with key building blocks, such as a diet rich in carbohydrates. Focusing on specific [...]

January 16, 2014 Alyson Marquez Running, Squash & Racquetball, Tennis 0
Garmin vivofit

Garmin vivofit: Truly Personalized Fitness Tracker that Gets Results

CES 2014 was full of exciting new tech, including Garmin’s new vivofit, the newest addition to wristband fitness trackers. Yes, there are a lot of fitness trackers out there. Yes, many of them tell you your heart rate, calories burned and steps taken. So what makes the Garmin vivofit so incredibly exciting? First, you get [...]

January 10, 2014 Cara Bruce Running, Squash & Racquetball, Tennis 2
New Year's Eve Celebration

New Year’s Eve Party Tricks

If you’ve packed on a few extra pounds this holiday season, don’t despair. This weekend you may find yourself attending the last of the holiday parties or some pre-New Year’s celebrations. With some proper planning, you can still have a fantastic time this New Year’s Eve without adding any additional weight to lose next year. [...]

December 27, 2013 Cara Bruce Running, Squash & Racquetball, Tennis 0

Battle of the Mugs: Hydro Flask vs a Standard Travel Mug

Hydro Flask water bottles are some of the best-selling hydration items for athletes, runners, and walkers. Since Hydro Flasks are known for keeping hot beverages hot and cold drinks cold, we decided to put one to the ultimate test! We poured a full cup of piping hot coffee in both a Hydro Flask and a [...]

December 20, 2013 Greg Jubb Running, Squash & Racquetball, Tennis 0
Poor Performance Trend

Avoiding the Poor Performance Trend

One of the biggest mistakes athletes make is looking too far ahead. This trend tends to increase once the athlete starts recognizing his or her full potential. Let’s face it, it’s exciting when an athlete’s performance starts increasing to another level. The athlete builds confidence, he starts comparing his performance from where it is now [...]

December 13, 2013 Patrick Alban Running, Squash & Racquetball, Tennis 0
Huma Energy Gel

Huma Chia Energy Gel

Sometimes for an awesome new product to hit the market, all it takes is a couple of grad school students with a great idea. That’s exactly what happened when Ian McCollum joined forces with Kevin Sherbourne to create Huma Chia Energy Gel, an incredibly great-tasting and smooth alternative to other energy gels and sports nutrition. [...]

December 12, 2013 Kandice Wilson Running, Squash & Racquetball, Tennis 0
Cyber Monday Holiday Sales Event

Last Chance for Cyber Monday Sales!

It’s Cyber Monday! Today is the last day of our big sale. Don’t miss this opportunity to save on tennis shoes, tennis racquets, running shoes and more! Here are some select deals you can take advantage of today: The Diadora Speed Pro Wi5iv AG tennis shoes for men are only $79.95 The Diadora Speed Star [...]

December 2, 2013 Cara Bruce Holabird Sports, Running, Squash & Racquetball, Tennis 0
Black Friday Gifts

More Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale Items Added!

We’ve added more items to our Black Friday sale! I’m listing some select items in this post but check our sports-specific sale pages for all of our heavily discounted items!  Black Friday Sale Pages Black Friday & Cyber Monday Tennis Sale Black Friday & Cyber Monday Running Sale Black Friday & Cyber Monday Squash Sale [...]

November 29, 2013 Cara Bruce Holabird Sports, Running, Squash & Racquetball, Tennis 0