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Erik Heine’s Sketchers Stradas take him and his son to the finish line! 

I’ve purchased multiple pairs of running shoes over the years, but my most recent purchase was a pair of Skechers Stradas. This is the first version; I have the second version, which I’m not too fond of.  I went through three pairs of the first version, including wearing them for the entirety of a 12-hour race that I won (71.85 miles). Holabird only had one size remaining of the Stradas, and, lucky me, they were my size: 9.5.

What do I love about the original Stradas? The size of the toe box, the cushion v. weight ratio. It’s a lot of shoe, but doesn’t feel bulky or heavy. The energy return is so much greater than in, say, Hokas.

Here’s a picture of my son and I finishing the 2016 OKC Memorial Half Marathon! He had surgery on July 5, 2017 for a tethered spinal cord and has his “all clear” check-up soon, so we’re hopeful that all will be clear. First race with Stephen was a 10K in December 2014.

I’m not a hero (we think he’s a super hero!) – I’m just giving my son the opportunity to enjoy running like all of his peers. If it’s a little more work and effort for me, that’s fine.  I ran 2017 miles in 2014, 2300+ in 2015, and 2700+ in 2016. Ran a BQ in April at the OKC marathon (3:11:21; minimum qualifying is 3:15:00) I did the marathon solo, but I know people who push children/children of friends that have run sub-3:00 in the marathon, so I’m not speedy like that.

Stephen and I have run 4-5 5Ks and the HM. We run every Saturday that we can, weather permitting. We did an 8K in March in 34:59, which was pretty awesome.



Trish talks Hoka One One Ora Slides.

Hey, I’m Trish!  Nothing special here *Holabird staff beg to differ* In road runs I am a solid mid-pack runner and on trails I am a solid back of the pack runner.  I have a lot of grit though!  I did my first 5k in 2010, and found a love of running. This year, I ran my first 50k Ultra! I enjoy running for the alone time and stress relief, but also for the awesome sense of achievement it provides. I have met so many wonderful people through running– runners are truly the best!  I run at least three days a week: 2 shorter runs during the week on the road and at least a 10 miler on the trails during the weekend. If you see me out there say HI!

Recently, I’ve increased my mileage which caused my plantar fasciitis to come back (ugh).  I know that one of the worst things you can do to irritate plantar is: walk around the house barefoot or in flip flops that offer no real support or structure.  I decided to buy a pair of the new Hoka One One Ora recovery slides as my “house shoes,” and they’ve become my go everywhere, do everything, even sneak-them-on-my-feet-under-my-desk-at-work shoes. I throw my Oras in my run bag so I can put them on after every race, and I’m pretty sure I’ll cry when winter comes, or just be annoying and wear them with socks because I love them so much.  The Oras have that wonderful Hoka squish and I cannot imagine a more comfortable slide to wear. I went into Holabird to try them for size- mind you, I have pretty scrawny, thin feet and was concerned that the strap that holds your foot in might be too large for my feet. But nope, no problem, they fit true to size. I purchased my normal, walking around shoe size and it’s a perfect fit. If I get them dirty, I can just hose them off, dry them and they are as good as new. Thanks to the deep heel pocket and great arch support my plantar fasciitis has gone away. I would definitely recommend.