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Hit Zone Deluxe Plus: The Tennis Practice Tee

Greg Jubb January 6, 2014 Tennis No Comments
HitZone Tennis Tee

Your tennis training sessions are now far more dynamic with the Hit Zone Deluxe Plus. The Hit Zone is a practice tee that generates a consistent air flow to hold your practice balls in place in midair. All you need to do is plug the tee in, switch it on, and adjust the strength of air flow before hitting away.

“You may notice that ball does not stay perfectly still while above the tee,” says Holabird Sports Showroom Manager Sol Schwartz. “This helps you hone your hand-eye coordination while working on your ground strokes regardless if you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran.”

Players may use either regular tennis balls or foam balls while practicing with the Hit Zone Deluxe Plus. The Hit Zone also comes in a more basic style, but players will not have the option to adjust the strength of the air flow.

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