Nike’s Orange Soled One-Match Wonders at Wimbledon

Nike’s Orange Soled One-Match Wonders at Wimbledon

Before Federer was ousted in the second round (shocking!) he ran afoul of the stringent Wimbledon fashion police. Wimbledon has the strictest dress code of all the Grand Slams. Players can only wear white with very small exceptions.

Federer’s Nike outfit was predominately white, with choice accents of orange (the swoosh on his headband and shirt and the soles of his shoes). Apparently, the orange-soled shoes were too much for Wimbledon officials to bear. Federer got away with wearing them during the first round and was then told: never again. Little did we know that “never again” was only one more round.

Nike didn’t seem too cut up about it. In fact, they released a brilliant social media campaign. Roger’s orange-soled Nike’s with the words: One Match Wonder. It worked. The orange-soled Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour GRS are already sold out on Nike’s website.

Do you think Nike knew that the orange soles would be too much for Wimbledon? Was this outbreak of orange fever planned? Or, do you think they just reacted to the news quickly and took advantage of it?

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