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  • Saxon SX900

    The Saxon SX900: High-Performance Squash Shoes Made for Maximum Impact

    When you’re playing squash, or another indoor racquet sport, you need the most high-performance shoes you can find. As Saxon themselves say, “Given the speed at which Indoor Court Racquet Sports are played at today

  • New Tom Tom GPS Watches

    Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions on Track with the TomTom Runner Cardio

    Each year millions of people resolve to lose weight. in fact, it’s one of the most popular New Year’s Resolution of 2015. Unfortunately, the zeal with which we originally pursue our resolutions can start to

  • Australian Open 2015

    Australian Open 2015 Gets Off to a Great Start

    It may be cold here in the U.S. but the sun is shining in Australia and on many of the top-seeded players. The 2015 Australian Open is off to a great start. Li Na is

  • Best Tennis Rackets for Beginners 2015

    Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners – 2015

    It’s vital to find the right tennis racquet for beginning players. The right racquet can improve a game, help create good habits and, most of all, encourage self-confidence. Below are two of the best tennis racquets for

  • Mizuno Running Shoes

    Mizuno’s Fastest Running Shoes

    Ever since Mizuno released their revolutionary U4iC midsole, they have been able to do something very few shoe companies can: Make super lightweight shoes that are super fast, yet still have plush cushioning. This includes everything

Mizuno Wave Rider 17 review

Mizuno Wave Rider 17 Running Shoe Review

The Mizuno Wave Rider 17 is one of the lightest neutral-cushioned, traditional trainers that I have ever worn. The Fit of the Shoe Mizuno prides itself on a “nothing there,” slipper-like fit. Using light materials and Smooth Ride Technology, their goal is to give the runner a sensation that there is nothing on their foot—causing [...]

March 27, 2014 Greg Jubb Running 0
Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 running shoes

Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 Review: Amazingly Lightweight & Cushioned for a Stability Shoe

If I ever read anything about the new Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 that doesn’t mention how light it is, I will be shocked. It’s surprisingly light, especially for a stability shoe. It’s even more surprising to find a shoe this lightweight that offers stability and an amazing amount of cushioning. The cushioning is ample for [...]

March 26, 2014 Cara Bruce Running 0
Gamma Glide Tennis String

Gamma Glide Tennis String Offers More Spin & Greater Comfort

Tennis players love spin.  The fact is becoming ever more apparent as racquet and string manufacturers scramble to come up with revolutionary, spin-boosting frames and strings.  Gamma has a pretty good track record of introducing excellent, innovative strings and their newest offering looks pretty fascinating on paper, so I strung it up and took it [...]

March 24, 2014 Ryan Woodring Tennis 0
Gamma RZR Racquet

Gamma RZR 98M Tennis Racquet Review

Spring finally feels like it’s here in Maryland. Things are finally starting to thaw out and temperatures are getting up into the 50s at last. I know I’ve had enough of winter and I’m more than ready for spring. Gamma is ready too, with several new racquets and some intriguing new strings. I got a [...]

March 21, 2014 Ryan Woodring Tennis 0

Holabird Sports and 10k Across the Bay Launch Official Race Store

Holabird Sports and the 10k Across the Bay have partnered up to launch the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Run’s Official Race Store. Visit the store to shop for both apparel and commemorative items that celebrate your victorious run over the Bay Bridge. Take a look at our men’s and women’s short sleeve technical tee. This New [...]

March 20, 2014 Greg Jubb Running 0
Crandon Park

The 2014 Miami Sony Open Promises to Be Big

This year’s Sony Open tournament promises to be big with 19 of the top 20 tennis players in attendance. Last year both Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer missed the tournament and attendance dropped 5.5%. However, this year’s Sony Open boasts Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Li Na, Agnieska Radwanska (although, her knee injury may cause issues) [...]

March 19, 2014 Cara Bruce Tennis 0
On Cloudsurfer Running Shoes

WATCH: 2014 On Cloudsurfer Running Shoe Overview

The newest edition of On’s neutral trainer, the Cloudsurfer, returns this year with exciting, new color ways and slightly tweaked upper for increased comfort. On has manufactured the Cloudsurfer model with a 3D microsuede upper and has softened the eye stays to prevent any abrasive contact with the top of the foot. The shoe’s Cloudtec [...]

March 18, 2014 Greg Jubb Running 0
Garmin Forerunners

Garmin Gary’s Tip of the Week: Run/Walk Alert vs Intervals

Although the Run/Walk Alert and a simple Interval are similar, they are not the same.  There are plenty of customers asking for a watch that does intervals when what they actually want is one that does the Run/Walk Alert. What is the difference and why should you care?  Here are some of the differences and [...]

March 17, 2014 Gary Rosenberg Running 0
Hoka One One Rapa Nui

Hoka One One Comes to Holabird

Hoka One One running shoes are big, and that’s no overstatement. They’re big in looks, big in innovation, big in technology and big in size. Tech Rep Frank Nick called them “the original oversized shoe.”And that oversized midsole makes for an incredibly cushioned ride. Once you put the shoes on, you’ll notice that they don’t [...]

March 14, 2014 Kandice Wilson Running 0
Hoka One One Running Shoes

Hoka One One: Leading the New Maximalist Movement

The Hoka One One (pronounced oh-nay oh-nay) will surprise you. They look like giant shoes but they are amazingly lightweight.  They have a wide body, complete with oversized midsole cushioning and a rocker body. The width allows for a stable platform. The rocker profile and lightness of the shoes allows for an interesting sensation… it’s soft [...]

March 13, 2014 Cara Bruce Running 0