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Item # 200399

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Gearbox Solid 1.0 165Q Magenta

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Gearbox Solid 1.0 165Q Magenta

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With a feminine cosmetic and a light, manageable weight this racquet will give female players everything they need to dominate the game. The Gearbox Solid 1.0 165Q Magenta features a quadraform head shape.

Item #: 200399
Style #: 8R021MGN
Weight : 165 Grams (unstrung)
Length : 22 Inches
String Pattern: 14M x 20C
Composition: 100% Graphite
Balance: Head Heavy
Power Level: Low
Color : Magenta/Black
Balance Point: 10mm
Tension: 25-35 lbs.
Swing Weight: 133

Displacement Channels: Increased power and control with enhanced durability. Channels help stiffen the head of the racquet to improve energy and ball return by reducing deformation and flex in the racquet. Improving the structural integrity by distributing and displacing the impact loads to the frame, the channels will redirect the load and have it follow the channels helping to displace the load and increased the overall durability of the frame.

String Dimples: Improved strength and structure. Gearbox redesigned it's mold to incorporate String Dimples at the throat of the racquet to increase the structural integrity and stiffness of the frame. These beveled edges eliminate sharp edges and reduce string angles which reduces the stress on the string, improving resiliency.

Patented Solid Head Construction: Revolutionizing the racquetball frame by allowing this sold structure to improve stiffness, increased string deflection, and durability. Increased stiffness improves energy return to the ball, increasing power. Increased string deflection allows for less ball deformation and increased energy return to the ball for more power. Solid head eliminates the hollow structure doubling the wall thickness and increasing the impact resistance of the high modulus graphite exponentially. The slim frame profile reduces drag to improve the swing speed at the head of the racquet, also increasing the string surface area for a larger sweet spot.

Proportional Frame Design: Correct frame dimensions maximize power, control, maneuverability and feel of the racquet. Designed with a proportional width-to-length ratio with a longer handle for superior performance. Gearbox has created the optimal width-to-length ratio to provide increased stability and rotational force to get the racquet set for proper shots and stability, even if you hit off center.

Power String Pattern: With a denser pattern in the sweetspot with a less dense pattern as you move away from the sweetspot, allows Gearbox to use a thinner gauge string to maximize string resiliency while returning more energy to the ball for increased power with less string breakage. Having a less dense pattern away from the sweetspot allows the string to stretch with les friction and snap back into place, improving power.

Vibration Control System: Gearbox created a Vibration Control System that is unique to the dampening world. The system gives the player the flexibility to control how much vibration the racquet has by stretching and contracting the dampener. Stretch the dampener to provide more ball feel. Contract the dampener to increase the dampening effect. The dampener will not come off during play.

Extra Small: 3 15/16"
Super Small: 3 5/8"
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When it comes to racquetball companies Gearbox is actually pretty young but that doesn't mean they're lagging behind. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Gearbox was conceived by pro-player Rafael Filippini, who personally designs each Gearbox racquetball racquet. He created Gearbox to fulfill his dream of a racquetball only company. All Gearbox racquets offer maximum lightweight maneuverability and control—it looks like Filippini's dream is fast becoming a beautiful reality.

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