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Polar Loop Activity Monitor Black

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Polar Loop Activity Monitor Black

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Choose what makes you move and keep track of your daily achievements with the Polar Loop Activity Monitor. This sleek wristband helps you reach daily goals as it displays your daily activity, calories burned, steps taken, and time of day. It even reminds you to pick up the pace by showing your resting and sitting times as well as low, medium, and high movement intensities. People won’t be able to tell the difference between this discreet fitness piece and the rest of your jewelry.

Statistics show that 71% of Americans said that wearable tech improved their health and fitness while 61% of Americans said that wearable tech helps them feel more in control of their lives. The Polar Loop Activity Monitor inspires you with Smart Coaching features that guide your fitness with Up, Walk, and Jog displays that provide motivation and information on the health and physiological advantages of physical activity. Transfer all of your data easily with the USB cable that you’ll also use to charge the device.

Technical Features:

  • Waterproof for swimming.
  • Custom-fit bracelet.
  • Displays text in English.
  • Data transfer via custom USB cable or Bluetooth Smart via Polar Flow mobile app.
  • Memory Capacity 12 days activity data.
  • Rechargeable battery with 5 days continuous use.
  • Web service compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6, OS X 10.7, OS X 10.8, or later and PC Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, or later.
  • Mobile app compatibility with iOS 6 (iPhone 4S, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch) or later.

Activity Guidance:

  • 24/7 activity tracking registers your daily activity continuously for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Activity Guide shows how active you’ve been during the day and how much you need to do to reach the global recommendations for physical activity.
  • Activity Benefit tracks all your active choices during the day and shows how they help you stay healthy.
  • Activity Zones track your daily activities at five intensity levels: resting, sitting, low, medium, and high. Up means low intensity, Walk means medium intensity, and Jog means high intensity.
  • Smart Calories counter calculates the number of calories burned based on your individual data and the intensity of physical activity.
  • Steps counts the steps taken during the day which allows for simple targeting of daily activity. A basic recommendation is to aim for 10,000 steps or more a day.
  • Inactivity Alert with Polar Flow mobile app reminds you when you have been sitting for too long.
Item #: 053922
Style #: 90052534
Color : Black
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Polar Loop Activity Monitor Black

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By dojoboy

from NYC, NY, United States

Comments about Polar Loop Activity Monitor Black:

From day one, I have not been able to get this loop to function properly. I pair it with the H7, and most of my workouts do not fully (or at all) register with the loop. I've called customer service at least 1/2 dozen times. We've reset the loop, replaced the H7, and now after months of unhappy use, I have to return the loop to see about having it serviced. I purchased these Polar products because I thought they were a step up from the Jawbone UpBand and Fitbit. But don't waste your money like I did. Stick with one that easily syncs.

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I am still in love

By ARobinson221

from California, United States

Comments about Polar Loop Activity Monitor Black:

I wanted to make sure to give my polar loop the chance to prove how awesome it was before writing a review. I have now owned my polar loop 8 months and it is still kicking butt! I believe that people who have had problems really just don't understand simple tasks. I do have an iPhone 5 and syncing the loop to not only my computer BUT also my phone was very simple and maybe took a whole 2 minutes to do. As far as battery life I do 2 options, 1 put it on the charger for 15 minutes while I shower, I do not need to know how long I stood in the shower for my day to feel accomplished. Option 2: I charge it while getting my data onto my laptop. Knowing that I am sitting in bed while going over my week is also not going to kill my data input. As far as battery life, I can go about 4 days without charging this. NOW since I do go this long, I am not constantly looking at how many step Ive taken or how many calories Ive burned. I check them a few times a day, more on my less active days to make sure that I at least hit my goal for the day. It syncs to my phone maybe a couple times a day, more if I do it myself so I can check my data. I have gone about 3 weeks without syncing to my computer and it has given me a memory full alert. I think 21 days of activity equals a great memory. I want to give this polar loop to my friend so she can start getting active and losing weight and get the new M_ something because it looks fun, but I would totally recommend the polar loop to everyone!! Looking to get fit, this helps!!

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Almost a 5 star plus a trick to fix syncing!!

By MommysBody

from Knoxville, TN, United States

Comments about Polar Loop Activity Monitor Black:

I have owned my loop, H7 strap and stride counter for about 6 months now. I have used many other activity monitors and find all had some features I liked, but none had ALL the features. ~The best thing about the loop is that it syncs with the HR monitor so I am not using 2 devices. ~I love the blue tooth syncing to Flow. ~I love that Polar Beat integrates with Flow. Things that need work: 1) it needs a nutrition module or integration with a nutrition app. 2) when reviewing exercise sessions (with heart rate monitor) there needs to be the ability to trim the session from the front or back. For example, there have been times I forgot to take my HR monitor off and it looks like the session was 2 hours and 1500 calorie burn when it was only a 1 hour session with a 1,000 calorie burn. 3) There needs to be a manual entry field for activity where HR monitor was NOT used, like fitbit. For example, if I step mill without the HR monitor, I only get credit for "walking" that number of steps which PALES in comparison to the actual burn I get from those steps being on a step mill. With fitbit, I could manually go into the app and document the time I started and ended an activity and select the activity type, and then it would give a much more accurate calorie estimation and it would line it up with the actual activity from the fitbit. Which goes a but with the next point. 4) My H7 would not sync with my Polar beat app on a run because my loop had already picked up the heartbeat and i couldn't make the loop drip the connection. So oh well, I used the Beat app anyway (because it has the GPS for running outdoors) and when it synced with Flow, it recorded it as 2 separate workouts, at the same time, with double the calorie burn. The app needs to overlap them and just add the gps run to the HR that loop recorded. 5) Once the loop picks up the HR, it won't let it go unless you take the HR monitor off the strap and leave it off for several minutes. That is a pain and many times, i have put the unit on my center console for the drive home and it records a heart rate of over 200, which jacks the calorie burn up, falsely, and I cannot "trim" that portion of the workout off of the tracking. (see number 2, above) 6) I bought the stride counter because I used to have one with my garmin and garmin fit app that synced with my stride counter and HR monitor. I liked the stride counter, because sometimes I run on a treadmill and I love having that accuracy. However, once I set up the stride length on the treadmill, the next time I ran outside, it completely miscalculated my run distance. I don't understand why the stride counter overrides the GPS in Polar Beat?? If the GPS is working, it should either default or have the option on which to use for distance. Most people don't have the same stride length on a treadmill vs outdoors. 7) Polar Beat is lacking elevation. The Garmin Fit app was great for giving detailed running feedback with HR, pace, elevation, lap times etc. 8) Polar Beat should have an option to display through the lock screen, like run keeper.

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Wouldn't buy it again.

By Lauren

from Undisclosed

Comments about Polar Loop Activity Monitor Black:

I bought the loop about 4 months ago and wish I would have gotten another product. The battery life isn't great -- on mine 3 days -- and will not always charge fully. My husband has another product that doesn't require charging, and automatically syncs with his phone. I was really disappointed because I have had other polar products that I loved!

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Great hardware, the app needs work

By Jimbo

from Richmond, VA, United States

Comments about Polar Loop Activity Monitor Black:

The question of whether I would recommend the Polar Loop to a friend depends on my faith in their ability to basically improve the software, Polar Flow, which supports the Loop. Activity trackers do not render useful information, they have to be paired with a computer to make sense of it, and so Polar Flow is integral to the device. When I first reviewed several activity trackers it was clear that the Loop was superior hardware, but suffered from inferior software. For example, most activity trackers I’ve used require you to switch it to sleep mode when you go to bed. The Polar Loop does not require you to do that; it can tell the difference between you watching a movie lying down and sleep. I don’t know how, but it can. If you believe, as I do, that the software can be rectified with time, then it’s no question what to buy. And it seems to me that for Polar has plenty of incentive, because to stay in the market, they will have to improve Polar Flow. Perhaps such a software infrastructure is new to Polar, their heart monitors, bike computers, watches and so forth have not required software. The Loop has plenty going for it. It is the most accurate of the activity trackers as far as I can tell. It is also, in my opinion, the best looking. The fact that it can tell time, is water resistant, can be paired with a heart monitor, is rechargeable and has a smooth clasp also get high marks in my assessment. Some are concerned you have to cut it. Like a watchband with which you have to remove links, that doesn’t give me much concern. It makes for a smooth band that fits your wrist. I do not consider it a design flaw as some do. Just different and better design objectives. One thing I really like is that the Polar Flow app will alert you if you’ve been idle for too long, say after an hour. This is not configurable and there is no alarm built into the Loop. Though that doesn’t bother me because of its effect on battery life. However, there is bad news, and it is centered on the software. When I first got the device, I set it up on my PC with the downloadable software. However, I could not sync it with my iPhone, which I tend to use more than my computer. It simply would not sync. I read one review that said you had to wear it for 10 hours before it would sync. While I thought that was preposterous, sure enough, about 10 hours after I put it on the next day, I was able to sync with the phone and I haven’t had a problem since. Go figure. You have to turn the screen on to get it to sync with the iPhone, though I’d rather do without that step. Another issue that some folks have reported is that they cannot sync at night. I think this is related to the fact there is no time zone support for the software. Some parts of Polar Flow, like the activity part, reflect local time. Other parts, such as the diary, reflect GMT. When GMT begins the next day, I usually have problems syncing until after midnight when both GMT and I are on the same date. Coincidence? Maybe, but I expect this will be fixed. I suspect many folks who use an activity tracker may want to lose weight in addition to increasing activity. That requires keeping track of caloric input as well as the calories burned. Sadly, Polar Flow does not have a library of nutritional information so you can keep track of what you ate. This also needs to be fixed. The information provided to the user is also very high level. It doesn’t provide much information about what the goal is, i.e. how many steps. The goal is based on your declared activity level, but the app doesn’t tell you what you are working towards. For those of you who like to set your goals based on steps, calories burned, length of time at an activity level, you are out of luck. You can only select a higher activity level and it will give you a new, undisclosed and higher goal. The information about the day’s activities is not very detailed. Polar Flow gives a summary of the day’s activities, but can’t provide a detailed hourly view of what you were doing. And the diary does not accept free form text entry, rather it reflects “events�, though I can’t figure out how you enter these. What would be great is if Polar Flow worked with other cycling or running apps and could also reflect their results as well. Some tracking apps do that, and that could help add some detail to the day. Honestly, I love the Polar Loop, because I consider it the best hardware out there for activity tracking. I would recommend it to a friend, because I’m sure that Polar Flow will evolve into a better and stronger application. However, if I were told that Polar Flow would never change, I’d have to recommend the Fitbit Flex and learn to live with its shortcomings, like keeping it dry and wearing a watch.

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  • Q:

    Replaceable battery?
    Asked on 6/22/2014 by maeme

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      A 25 mAH Lithium-polymer, rechargeable but non-replaceable.

      Answered on 6/24/2014 by Louie from Holabird Sports
  • Q:

    what size wrist dose this fit ?
    Asked on 6/2/2014 by Christopher from United States

    2 answers

    • A:

      This is adjustable so is able to fit any size wrist.

      Answered on 6/5/2014 by Community Answer from None
    • Staff Reviewer


      It is a custom fit bracelet that can be adjusted from small to extra large.

      Answered on 6/3/2014 by Louie from Holabird Sports
  • Q:

    Does the product do heart rate or is calories based on the selected setting. Age, weight, height, fitness level?
    Asked on 12/9/2013 by russ from Philadelphia pa

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      The Polar Loop Activity Monitor bases calorie burn information upon your personal data, including weight, height, age, and gender. If you wish to see heart rate information, the Polar Loop can be paired with Polar's H6 heart rate sensor.

      Answered on 12/12/2013 by Ryan from Holabird Sports
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  • About Polar
Since 1977 Polar has created innovative products to help customers understand their body and training. From heart rate monitors to weight management tools, Polar wants to help each of us better understand our bodies and our fitness goals. Their top products are their heart rate monitors. Whether you are in serious training or simply trying to live a healthier lifestyle, Polar heart rate monitors track and calculate each step toward your goal.

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