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Installing a Replacement Grip

  • Replacement Grip
  • Racquet
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Double Sided Tape (optional)
  • Staple Gun (optional)

Step 1: Remove the original grip from the racquet.

Grip Removal Picture | Installing Grip Guide

Make sure that the backing came off the grip, if there was one. Some grips have a separate layer of cushion underneath that may stick on the handle even though the top layer came off. Some grips, especially leather grips are stapled in. If this is the case, be sure to remove that staple with pliers before continuing. Be careful! The buttcap of the racquet is also stapled on. Be sure not to remove those staples.

Original Grip Removed Picture | Installing Grip Guide

Step 2: Unroll the grip and remove the paper that covers the adhesive, and any paper or plastic on the top of the grip. If double sided tape is available, wrap the double sided tape diagonally up the handle. Double sided tape will help make sure the grip sticks better and helps prevent the grip from sliding around later.

Wrapping Double Sided Tape Picture | Installing Grip Guide

If the grip being installed is a leather grip, it is advisable to staple the grip to the buttcap with staple gun so the grip can be pulled firmly during installation.

Step 3: Hold the racquet upside down, and find the tapered end of the grip. Place the tapered end at the very bottom of the buttcap.

Wrapping Grip Picture | Installing Grip Guide

If the player is right handed, wrap to the right. If the player is left handed, wrap to the left. Begin pulling the grip tightly and wrapping diagonally up the handle. It is crucial to pull the grip tightly enough to prevent bubbling and equally important to make sure there is some overlap. Make sure the grip overlaps enough so that it will not separate later. Pull the grip tighter to stretch the grip slightly thinner, or pull less to make it slightly thicker.

Wrapping Grip Picture | Installing Grip Guide

Step 4: Once the grip is wrapped up to the top of the handle, grab a pair of scissors and a pen. With the pen, mark a line across the spot where the grip should end. The line should be parallel to the buttcap.

Cutting Grip Picture | Installing Grip Guide

Unroll the grip slightly and cut across the line with the scissors. Rewrap the unrolled part and secure it with the tape included in the grip.

Rewrap Unrolled Grip Picture | Installing Grip Guide

Step 5: If there is a rubber collar included in the grip, install over the finishing tape.

Finished Grip Installation Picture for Installing Grip Guide

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