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HEAD Boom MP 2022

Grip Size: 1L

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String Options:

The Holabird String Advantage

Our Certified Master Racquet Technicians and ATP/WTA Tour Stringers are on staff for all your stringing needs. Choose any hybrid combination. FREE string upgrades still apply to the mains. Any other string chosen and crosses will be charged the cost shown.

Hybrid Stringing & Added Benefits:

Hybrid stringing combines two strings allowing you to enjoy the benefits of both. The most common hybrid combination is a durable string paired with a playable string.

Choose your MAINS and pay only the cost of the string. If the string chosen is a free custom upgrade you will not be charged.

Mains: The vertical strings (running from the throat of the racquet to the top of the head). Players tend to break mains more frequently because they take the most punishment; a stiffer, more durable string, like polyester, in the mains can help.

Choose your CROSSES and pay only the cost of the string.

Crosses: The horizontal strings (running perpendicular to the mains). Natural gut and high-performance multifilament synthetic strings are soft and playable, making them a popular choice for cross strings.

As a bonus, you will also receive the unused portion of strings, which will be enough for your next restring. Send or bring your racquet and unused string to Holabird within 6 months of your original order for a free restring ($9.95 2-Day Air return shipping fee).