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      .14 Liter Capacity

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      Nathan ExoDraw 2.0 Handheld

      The Nathan ExoDraw 2.0 Handheld is an update to the well-known, on-the-go hydration system. Featuring a comfortable hand feel and added insulation runners can stay hydrated with cold water for long races and training runs. The insulated properties in this handheld help keep fluids colder 38% longer than non-insulated soft flasks. A rigid ExoSpine™ promotes a more comfortable hand feel and support for use with a soft flask. An expandable mesh pocket provides storage of small essentials.

      • Includes an expandable stash pocket for essentials.
      • Comes with a 18oz BPA-free Insulated Soft Flask.
      • Ergo-designed hand strap provides grip-free comfort, and maximizes running efficiency.
      • Soft flask can be easily removed from sleeve, and used in Nathan hydration vest pockets.
      • A breathable wicking mesh under the hand position provides a superior grip.