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      13.5 ounces

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      Tyrol Striker Pro Men's Black

      The Tyrol Striker Pro pickleball shoes are specifically designed for the advanced pickleball player who wants the very best in durability and performance. To better serve pickleball players and the impact they experience on hard court surfaces, these shoes feature cushioning and added stability from a Power Clip heel. A wide toe box provides further comfort with plenty of room for feet to move naturally.

      Technical Elements

      Upper:Features a breathable mesh nylon upper material and a molded rubber toe and power clip for strike support and toe drag reinforcement.

      Midsole:Includes an aerated breathable insole and cooling system for total comfort and moisture control. A lightweight insole material provides superior comfort and mobility.

      Outsole: A high-quality rubber outsole provides superior on-court traction and stability. The advanced tread design adds support and performance.