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      Product Specifications



      Cover Included



      22 Inches

      String Pattern

      14M x 16C


      160 Grams

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      E-Force Lethal Reload 160

      With the E-Force Lethal Reload 160 racquetball racquet, youll get more power than ever thanks to Power-Boosters that create a more solid stringbed for increased accuracy and ball control. The extended length of the shaft delivers better feel and control. A by-pass stringing system ensures youll have livelier ball response.

      • Prestrung with E-Force Oxygen 17.
      • Tri-Carbon Frame adds stiffness for more power.
      • Wrapped with E-Force Resin Black grip.


      Power Boosters: Power Boosters make the entire racquet a hitting, power, kill zone. By creating an incredibly stable string bed, power and points are yours on every hit even off center as well as sweet spot hits. How? The racquet is loaded with 24 Power Boosting tubes covering approximately 32 inches, or almost one yard, of hitting surface strings. Each "boostered" string is stabilized, thereby stabilizing the entire string bed and generating power at every point on the string bed. And like a hot knife through butter, the Power Boosters reduce vibration to just that necessary for near perfect racquet feel.

      LongString Technology: 22" mainstrings extend unrestricted in free space from the tip of the frame all the way through the handle enabling the stringbed to store massive power.

      Zero Richter Tubes: Mainstrings are enclosed in 84" of vibration-dampening tubes hidden in handle.

      By-Pass Stringing System: Mainstrings skip every two holes so the ball does not directly strike two main strings at once, thereby increasing power.

      Dual Cylinder: Patented construction offers incredible power and string bed deflection for a solid, stable hitting platform.

      Hi-Compression Wing: A 30% thinner frame for quick response, maneuverability and faster swing speed.

      Total Carbon Head: Adds stiffness, durability and power. Paint and non-structural materials replaced with additional carbon graphite.

      Tri-Carbon Frame: An optimum blend of three light, stiff, carbon graphites. Increased stiffness for more durability and power.

      Launch Pad Technology: Maximizes power. Eliminates unnecessary deflection-limiting cross strings in racquet throat. Increased stringbed deflection for added power.

      Fiber Alignment (FAT) Zones: More strength and power in the racquet head. Pushes out and aligns fibers in high-stress curved areas of the frame.