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      Product Specifications


      80% Polaymide/20% Spandex


      2 Pair.

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      CEP Dynamic+ Quad Sleeves

      Designed for lightweight and secure ankle support, CEP Dynamic Quad Sleeves are medically based and athlete driven to deliver a high-performance fit. The 10-15 mmHg targeted medi compression helps to increase circulation, reduce muscle vibration that brings on soreness, and improve coordination during movement. The anatomical fit provides durability and maximum heat and moisture management.

      • Flexible, moisture-permeable fabric with targeted compression.
      • Features anti-bacterial, odor-reducing properties to maintain freshness.
      • Contains integrated non-slip bands on the inside to ensure secure, comfortable fit.

      CEP Sizing Charts


      II: 18.5-20.5 in/ 47-52 cm
      III: 21-22.5 in/ 53-57 cm
      IV: 23-25 in/ 58-63 cm

      *Measurements refer to thigh circumference, not garment size.