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    Product Specifications


    50% Nylon (Polyamide)
    30% Polyester
    20% Spandex


    1 Brace.

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    CEP Ortho+ Compression Knee Brace

    Designed for lightweight yet secure knee support, CEP Ortho+ Compression Knee Braces are medically based and athlete driven to deliver a high-performance from 3D anatomical fit. The 20-30 mmHg graduated compression helps to reduce swelling after knee injury and provide better stabilization of the knee joint, promoting faster healing. The anatomical fit and moisture-permeable knitted material provides a comfortable and breathable feel. A deep-tissue massage feature promotes micro-circulation and helps to relieve pain.

    • Elastic, moisture-permeable, knitted fabric with graduated compression.
    • Ideal for instability and minor knee injuries.
    • Built with a silicone inlays for optimal comfort.
    • Features pain relief and deep tissue massage that improves micro-circulation.


    II: 16.25-17 in/ 41-43 cm
    III: 17-18 in/ 43-46 cm
    IV: 18-19.25 in/ 46-49 cm
    V: 19.25-20.5 in/ 49-52 cm

    *Measurements refer to thigh circumference, not garment size.