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    1 Foam roller.

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    IntelliRoll Flex Foam Roller

    The IntelliRoll Flex Foam Roller features a softer foam and a more flexible core for foam-rolling newcomers. This blue roller is best for those who prefer a medium pressure while getting into sore spots on the body. The IntelliRoll has a unique, anatomical design with spine and body zones to target specific areas while also preventing unhealthy spinal compression. This roller provides an excellent way for athletes to use targeted, myofascial release recovery techniques and get back to training.

    • Made with a durable, high-quality EVA material.
    • The Flex (blue) density is ideal for those wanting a softer, less-intense pressure.
    • Includes a multi-density pattern to promote blood flow to increase circulation and enhance mobility.
    • Works to erode trigger points, help improve flexibility, and bring relief to common types of muscular pain.
    • Sensory dots provide acupressure and sensory awareness.
    • Spine Zone:

      • Targets spinal muscles and joints.
      • Perfect for neck, mid and low-back.
      • Protects against vertebral compression.

      Body Zone:

      • Massages more muscle area.
      • Releases multiple muscle groups at once.
      • Provides greater control with less effort.