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    GU Energy Stroopwafel Gluten Free 16 Pack

    The GU energy Stroopwafel is a Dutch-inspired syrup waffle designed to provide athletes with fuel they need for the demands they put on their bodies. These tasty waffles are packed with organic ingredients, natural flavors, and a healthy blend of quality carbohydrates for useful nutritional supplementation. Included are essential amino acids that help athletes with their recovery from intense training and performance sessions. Convenient, individually-portioned packages are perfect for taking along for a bike ride, a run, or to just throw in your gym bag.

    • Made with USDA Certified Organic ingredients.
    • Certified Gluten Free
    • Great taste makes them perfect for athletes of all ages.
    • Contains both complex and simple carbohydrates for a quick energy boost during exercise and for a longer-lasting source of energy.
    • Great pre-run or workout fuel.
    • Also a great snack with coffee or tea.

    Caffeine Content:
    Salted Chocolate:No Caffeine
    Coconut: No Caffeine
    Wild Berries: 20mg Caffeine

    Contains: Soy and eggs. May Contain: Milk.

    Each flavor contains 450mg of Amino Acids per serving and 75-150mg Sodium per serving.

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