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On Lifestyle Sneakers

On is one of the most sought-after lifestyle sneaker brands on the market today. And we've compiled the top On lifestyle sneakers for you here. For a more in-depth review, see our breakdowns below.

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On Lifestyle Sneakers


On is one of the most sought-after lifestyle sneaker brands on the market today. And we've compiled the top On lifestyle sneakers for you here. For a more in-depth review, see our breakdowns below.

On Cloud Low Top Models

The On Cloud Terry

The On cloud Terry is a light, breathable lifestyle shoe.

On Cloud Terry Overview

The Terry is light and airy, it’s extremely comfy, and it’s got a stylish look. Pretty much everything you could want in a lifestyle shoe. And the rocker design gives a little more of a leisure feel, making each step smooth. And it’s got On’s speed lacing system for quick on or off. It’s made from two different types of vegan leather, so if you don’t want shoes that use animal leather this is a huge plus. And yes, you can just walk out the door and go for a jog in this shoe, it leans more on the side of an everyday wearing shoe. This is just to say, if you’re a serious runner, this probably shouldn’t be your only shoe.

What season is the On Cloud Terry best for?

And because the upper is so light and breathable, this shoe is going to be better when it’s warmer out. When it’s getting into fall and especially winter, your feet will feel more comfortable outside in a slightly warmer model like the On Cloud Dip.

The On Cloud Dip

You could think of the On Cloud Dip is a more adventurous and durable version of the Terry.

On Cloud Dip Overview

It’s got a rubber mudguard, a more heavy-duty upper, and heftier weight for whatever off-the-beaten-path adventures you may get into. It also has a little more cushioning, which helps make up for the absence of the rocker designed in the Cloud Terry. The On Cloud Dip’s extra protection will protect your feet from moisture, and keep them warmer than a model like the Terry. And like the Terry, the Dip has On’s speed lacing system, which is just a nice little convenience.

What season is the On Cloud Dip best for?

The Cloud Dip is great for daily wear, especially during the colder months. And it’s great for going out on runs hikes over more rugged terrain.

On Cloud Mid Top Models

The On Cloudnova

The Cloudnova sort of stands alone in On’s lifestyle space.

On Cloudnova Overview

It’s got a retro look to it, which is what many On fans love about it. Of course, it’s got On’s speedboard to propel your foot forward and it has solid cushion to absorb shock when you land. When it comes to the rocker design, if you look at it, you can tell it has a milder design. It’s not as flat as the Cloud Dip, though not quite as pronounced as the Terry. The Cloudnova also has a wider outsole, which gives you better balance no matter what activity you’re doing.

What season is the On Cloudnova best for?

It’s got decent breathability, and is also made of a sweat-wicking material to keep your feet dry. So this shoe is pretty ideal in both warmer and cooler weather.

On Cloud High Top Models

The On Cloud Hi Edge

You could almost think of the On Cloud Hi Edge as a comfy, stylish, light boot.

On Cloud Hi Edge Overview

Just looking at it you can tell it’s got a serious rocker design that rolls your foot forward. This makes just walking in this shoe more fun than most. Because this is a high-top model, it’s naturally going to give you more support than the low or mid-top models.

What season is the On Cloud Hi Edge best for?

And the Hi Edge has a pretty breathable upper. So while this shoe can keep you decently warm during cooler months, it’s also quite comfortable during the warmer ones as well.

The On Cloud Hi

The On Cloud Hi is a good bit different than the Hi Edge.

On Cloud Hi Overview

This shoe is heavier (12.49oz), compared to the Hi Edge (11.04oz). It’s got a speed lacing system to get it on and off quicker. And it’s designed to be a bit more durable. And one thing that you’ll definitely notice if you transition from most of On’s other Lifestyle shoes to the Cloud Hi is the 2mm drop. The Hi Edge also has a 2mm drop, however the rocker design can make it hard to notice. Where the Cloud Hi has a more subtle rocker, so you’ll definitely feel your calf muscles doing more of the work in this shoe. This just means this shoe is meant to be more of an adventure model, where you expect to get a little bit more of a workout

What season is the On Cloud Hi best for?

Both models are great for everyday wear. But if you’re looking to be a little more adventurous, or if it’s really cold out, you’d probably want the extra protection and thicker material of the Cloud Hi.

The On Cloud Hi Waterproof

This is essentially the Cloud Hi but with an extra waterproof membrane to help keep water out.

On Cloud Hi Waterproof Overview

It still weighs the same as the Cloud Hi, it has the same 2mm drop, and the speed lacing system. And the Hi Waterproof is just as sleek looking as the On Cloud Hi. The only other difference is that it has a more pronounced rocker design, similar to the Cloud Hi Edge, that naturally rolls you into the next step.

What season is the On Cloud Hi Waterproof best for?

The On Cloud Hi Waterproof is a great shoe for colder months, or if you need to keep your feet dry.

How to Choose the Best On Cloud lifestyle Shoe for You

The key to picking the best shoe, in addition to looking good, is feeling good. Whether you’re going for a run, a walk, or just up on your feet through the day, it’s important that you feel comfortable. All of On’s models are comfy, no doubt about that. But it’s a good idea to think about the conditions you’re typically in and what you plan to do in the shoe.

Best On Cloud Shoes for more leisure activity

The best shoe for more leisure activity is typically going to have less material in the upper and a rocker design. Rocker shoes are designed like a rocking chair, so that when your foot lands it naturally rolls forward. This saves you energy and is a little easier on your leg muscles. It’s also useful for heavy heel strikers who want to protect against injuries. They can be used for running, though probably not aggressive running where you’re trying to improve your race time or anything like that. The models with a heel-to-toe rocker are the On Cloud Terry, the On Cloud Hi Edge, and the On Cloud Hi Waterproof.

On Cloud Terry

If it’s warmer out and you want a breathable, low-top shoe, then the On Cloud Terry is your best bet.

On Cloud Hi Edge

If it’s a little cooler out and you want a slightly warmer, high-top shoe, then you’re probably looking for the On Cloud Hi Edge.

On Cloud Hi Waterproof

And if your feet need protection from the elements, then you’ll want the On Cloud Hi Waterproof.

Best On Cloud shoes for adventurous activity

The best shoes for adventurous activity are typically going to have more material in the upper, to protect you and the shoe. They’re also not likely going to have a rocker design so that they won’t try to dictate how your foot lands and rolls.

The best On models for more adventurous activities would be the On Cloud Dip and the On Cloud Hi.

On Cloud Dip

If it’s going to be a little cooler out and you want a low-top shoe that doesn’t let as much air in and out, then the On Cloud Dip is likely what you’re looking for. It’s much more durable than the Terry and won’t let air in and out as freely.

On Cloud Hi

If it’s cooler out and you want a slightly warmer, high-top shoe, then you’ll probably appreciate the On Cloud Hi. It’s not as breathable as the Hi Edge, and it doesn’t have the rocker design. And of course, if you just prefer low-top versus high-top for style reasons, then that’s perfectly fine too!

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