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    Sorbothane Sorbo-Ease Exercise Pads

    Designed by a trusted brand to provide supreme comfort for sore, achy joints, the Sorbothane® Sorbo-Ease Exercise Pads are there to get you through your workout. These yoga and workout-comfort pads help provide impact protection and cushioned support for knees, elbows, feet, hands, and wrists. These pads feature Sorbothane® GEL provides joint cushioning and energy return. Take these comfy pads along in your gym bag for your next workout.

    • Made of Yellow Sorbothane® GEL for cushioning and energy return.
    • Blue Sorbothan® helps absorb up to 94.7% of impact to help prevent impact injuries.
    • Includes 2- 6" pads in a carry pouch.

    Ideal for various uses including:

    • Joint cushion
    • Body support
    • Workout comfort
    • Hand/Wrist support & cushion
    • Knee Comfort - cupped center base support
    • Foot, Ankle & Body - Stability, Protection & Comfort
    • Yoga poses and positions
    • Arthritis therapy
    • Functional Fitness routines