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Pickleball Courts and Players


Be a big dill! Get a healthy dose of exercise and enjoy quality time with friends and family during an exciting game of pickleball. Pickleball has been called the fastest-growing sport in America, and it’s easy to see why: It’s fun, easy to learn, and can be played on just about any smooth, hard surface. Pickleball is an excellent cardio workout for folks looking to shake up their fitness routine, and it’s a great way to build better hand-eye coordination as well.

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    One of the best things about pickleball is that it’s a fun activity for people of all ages and fitness levels. While there are professional pickleball leagues and competitions for highly skilled players, gameplay can be dialed back considerably for beginners and those who just wish to play at a more leisurely pace. The simple rules, affordable equipment, and relaxed court regulations have made pickleball a favorite pastime among more than two and a half million people in the United States alone. Did we mention it’s fun? Because pickleball is really, really fun!

    In the summer of 1965, a group of friends in Washington state wanted to play badminton, but they couldn’t find the shuttlecock. Forced to improvise, they lowered the net and played with a WIFFLEⓇ ball and makeshift wooden paddles: On that day, a new game called pickleball was born. Pickleball spread quickly across the country and its popularity has exploded as people of all ages and abilities continue to join in on the fun. Now you can find people playing pickleball at recreation centers, senior living communities, schools, parks, and even driveways and backyard basketball courts!

    Once you find a suitable surface for gameplay, you only need three things to play pickleball: a net, pickleball paddles, and pickleballs. If you’re playing pickleball on a tennis court, you can simply lower the center of the net to 34 inches, otherwise you will need to purchase and set up your own pickleball net. Choose a pickleball paddle to suit your individual needs: wooden paddles are great for recreational play while composite paddles are excellent options for those who are a little more competitive. Lastly, pickleballs come in both indoor and outdoor versions, so be sure to choose the one that is appropriate for your location.

    We have everything you need to keep your pickleball game on point! From pickleball paddles and pickleballs to pickleball equipment like pickleball nets, pickleball bags, and even pickleball guides and tools to help you hone your skills.

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