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    Salming Kobra Mid 2 Men's White/Limoges Blue

    A favorite among players, the new Salming Kobra Mid 2 provides a true balance of stability and lightweight cushioning. Speed and agility are paramount with a built up midsole that wraps around the foot to provide stability. Players also have superior protection from ankle injury thanks to the RollBar™ technology that is part of the inner outsole edge. New additions to this model are the SoftFoam™ compound that provides 71% better shock absorption and the Recoil™ ERF or Energy Return Foam. This midsole technology is lightweight and gives players that energy-packed return during intense gameplay. The mid version features a higher upper construction and a lengthened lacing area.

    Upper: Wrap Around System (WAS design) to enhance stability and agility. The LMS Plus 8° and a fully integrated ExoSkeleton construction provide a more precise fit.

    Midsole: T.G.S. 62/75™ Torsion Guide System delivers extra stability with greater flexibility to stimulate the foots natural movements.LMS™ Lateral Movement Stabilizer supports the foot during fast and irregular lateral movements. LMS+ (Lateral Movement Stabilizer Plus) is a unique design with a positive angle of 11° that prevents the foot from rolling over outwards. Recoil™ ERF midsole helps provide that energized feeling. Added SoftFOAM™ compound offers 71% better shock absorbing properties than standard EVA midsole.

    Outsole: HexaGrip™ Outsole provides lightweight durability featuring Salmings HexaGrip™ pattern designed to provide superior grip. RollBar™ facilitates rolling the foot inwards and toe push off.

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