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    33% PTFE Treated Polyester/11% Polyester/54%Nylon/2% Elastic


    1 Pair.

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    Thorlos Experia Prolite Micro-Mini Socks

    The Thorlos Experia Prolite Micro-Mini socks were designed for runners training and participating in races like the half and full marathon as well as ultra races and endurance events. Special, NanoGLIDE® Fibers help to minimize friction and prevent the formation of blisters, keeping the runners feet cool and dry. The hydrophobic properties of the NanoGLIDE® technology is especially beneficial for runners who sweat a lot during training and competition. The ultra-lightweight design and cushioning make these socks the go-to for your long training sessions and for race day!

    • Specially sculpted Thorlos® pads in the forefoot and heel provide protection from shear and impact forces where needed.
    • Experia® eliminates all but the most essential padding, significantly reducing the weight of the sock.
    • Features featherlight THORLOS® padding thats 30% lighter than the original Experia® socks.
    • Designed for high performance runners during distance and endurance events and training.
    • Integrated venting enhances moisture portability.


    Size 9: Women 5-6½
    Size 10: Women 7-9 / Men 6-8
    Size 11: Women 9½-11½ / Men 8½ -10
    Size 12: Men 10½-11½
    Size 14: Men 12-14

    *U.S. Shoe Size Equivalent