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    Product Specifications


    66% CoolMax®
    18% nylon
    15% polyester
    1% elastic.


    1 Pair.

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    Thorlos Experia USA Micro-Mini Socks

    Experia® eliminates all but the essential Thorlos® patented thin cushion padding, which is sculpted and contoured to match the natural foot's ball and heel strike pattern resulting in impact protection without extra weight and an aerodynamic fit that hugs the foot. Now runners can enjoy a patriotic red, white, and blue colorway with the American flag and "USA" printed at the heel.
    • Specially sculpted Thorlos® pads in the forefoot and heel provide protection from sheer and impact forces where needed.
    • Experia® eliminates all but the most essential padding, significantly reducing the weight of the sock.
    • Mesh polyester on top of the foot provides maximum breathability.
    • Ultra lightweight sock frame consisting of nylon covered Lycra® to provide an aerodynamic, glove-like fit.
    • Lightweight Achilles tendon pad protects against rubbing and chafing while also functioning as a heel lock.
    • Designed for high performance runners, cyclists, hikers and fitness walkers.


    Size 9: Women 5-6½
    Size 10: Women 7-9 / Men 6-8
    Size 11: Women 9½-11½ / Men 8½ -10
    Size 12: Men 10½-11½
    Size 14: Men 12-14

    *U.S. Shoe Size Equivalent