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Trail Running Shoes

When you're ready to hit the trail, be sure to do so in the proper trail running shoes. Not only will they keep your feet dry and comfortable, but they'll also keep you steady as you navigate uneven terrain and unexpected obstacles. The right pair of shoes can help you go farther, faster, so don’t forget to change out your trail running shoes every 300-400 miles or when they become visibly worn, whichever comes first!

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Trail running shoes have to cover a lot of ground when it comes to keeping you safe on the trails. Obviously, they should be comfortable. But they should also support you throughout your entire movement cycle, helping you to run efficiently and with proper form. So how do you know you’re in the right trail running shoes for you? Try ’em on! Wear the socks you plan to wear on the trails, and be sure to try on both shoes. Your feet should feel secure in the shoes, but your toes should have plenty of breathing room. Your feet swell when you run, and neglecting to leave a little extra room can result in painful blisters later on. Don’t be afraid to jog around the store a bit to see if the shoes rub, slide, or generally don’t feel “right” on your feet. Do your heels stay put? Are your arches happy? Do the shoes flex with your foot?

When selecting a trail running shoe, first think about where you’ll be doing a majority of your runs. If you run primarily on wet, muddy terrain, go for trail running shoes with deep lugs that are spaced far apart for maximum traction. For running on dirt roads and hard-packed trails, choose shoes that have smaller lugs that are spaced closer together to avoid discomfort. If you are fond of rocky trails or trails with gravel, be on the lookout for soles featuring “sticky rubber” to give your feet better grip. A rock plate is another great feature to look for in shoes that will be worn on rocky trails, as it shields your feet from bruising.

How well do you know your feet? Understanding their size, shape, and unique movement pattern is crucial to outfitting them with proper footwear. Before buying your next pair of trail running shoes, figure out if you have a low, neutral, or high arch, which will help you determine how much arch support you need. The more you know about your feet, the better equipped you’ll be to keep them happy and healthy with the perfect pair of trail running shoes!

Don’t settle for an ill-fitting trail running shoe or try to force the next size up or down to work for your foot’s unique shape or width. Our catalog features a huge selection of the best trail running shoes for your individual feet. We carry wide trail running shoes, narrow trail running shoes, and trail running shoes for all arch heights—all in a variety of hard-to-find sizes that will help you reach your peak.

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