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      Wide Walking Shoes

      Wide Walking Shoes

      Cover more ground in the right pair of walking shoes for your unique feet! While you may be tempted to let your running shoes pull double duty as your walking shoes, running and walking place different demands on your body and, therefore, on your shoes. Well-designed walking shoes offer the proper amount of support and flexibility, and opting for a dedicated pair of walking shoes allows you to avoid putting additional miles on your running shoes.

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      Walking Shoes: Skechers Max Cushioning Elite Men's White/Navy Walking Shoes: Skechers Max Cushioning Elite Men's White/Navy
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      If you have wide feet, a properly fitting pair of walking shoes is crucial. How do you know if you’ve found the right wide walking shoes? Try ’em on! Wear the socks you plan to wear out walking, and be sure to try on both shoes. Your feet should feel secure in the shoes, your toes should have plenty of breathing room, and your feet shouldn’t spill over the soles of the shoes.

      Your feet swell when you exercise, and neglecting to leave a little extra room can result in painful blisters later on. Don’t be afraid to walk around the store a bit to see if the shoes rub, slide, or generally don’t feel “right” on your feet. Do your heels stay put? Are your arches happy? Do the shoes flex with your feet?

      We carry wide walking shoes in a variety of styles and brands that will keep you moving.

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