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    Demo Racquet Program

    We know that choosing the right racquet can be difficult. This is why we offer our demo program. You can try many of our demo racquets for free—pay only the costs of shipping!

    General Information

    Demo racquets are only available to customers within the
    contiguous United States.

    You may demo up to 3 racquets at a time for a period of 10 days (starting the day you receive them).

    2-Day Air Shipping Charges:
    1 Racquet = $14.95
    2 Racquets = $19.95
    3 Racquets = $24.95

    A hold for the amount of the current price of the racquet(s) will be placed on your credit card when you submit your order. Please note, this is not a charge and will drop off of your account once the racquets are returned.

    When you receive your demo(s), you will find a pre-paid priority mail return shipping label, which is included with all demo shipments.
    You will need this label when you ship the demo(s) back to
    Holabird Sports.

    To return demo racquets, they must be properly repackaged with the pre-paid priority mail return shipping label properly attached to the package. The package can then be given to your postal delivery person, or taken to your local post office for return.

    There is no late fee. However, if the racquets are more than seven days late, your credit card will be charged for the whole current price of the racquet(s). Should this happen, a copy of the charge will be mailed to you. (Maryland residents will have a 6% sales tax added to their total charge.)

    How to Order Online

    Browse our extensive racquet selection and look for the gray demo racquet icon. This icon denotes that we have at least one demo racquet available for that model. To order a demo, first select a racquet model, then select a grip size that has "Demo" preceding the grip size from the size selection box, then add it to your cart and proceed to checkout.

    Please note, demo racquets must be ordered separately from other merchandise. If you plan to order other items, a separate order must be placed. If you already have other items in your shopping cart you will be unable to add the demo(s) without emptying your shopping cart first. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    If no demo options appear in the size selection box, this may mean that all demos for that racquet are currently being tested by other customers. You may contact us regarding its availability or simply check back in a few days.

    Demo grip sizes are not guaranteed and may be limited to one of two options per model. We will do our best to send you the requested grip size, but if it is unavailable, we will send the closest grip size available.

    If one or more of your selected demo racquets ends up being unavailable after you've placed your order, we will automatically credit your card so that you are only charged shipping for the demos we are able to send to you. We will then ship you the available portion of your demo order. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Store Demo Program

    If you live in the Baltimore area, please visit our store. Our store is equipped with a demo cage where you can test racquets prior to making your purchase or you can take demos home for private testing. An extensive variety of demo racquets are available, and our expert staff can help you decide where to begin. If you're stopping into our showroom and plan to take out a demo, please read our Showroom Demo Policy.

    Up to two demo racquets may be borrowed directly from our store for a 48-hour trial period at no charge.

    You will need to have a credit card, and a hold for the value of each racquet borrowed will be placed on the card provided.
    When the racquet(s) are returned, the hold will be released from your account.

    After the 2-day period, if the racquet(s) have not been returned, a $5 non-refundable fee per racquet, per day will be charged to your account.
    If the racquet(s) are not returned after 7 days, the full price for each racquet will be charged to your account. This charge is non-refundable.