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    Product Specifications


    52% polyamide
    25% spandex
    23% polypropylene.


    1 pair of leg sleeves.

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    CEP Progressive+ Ultralight Compression Calf Sleeve Women's

    For improved blood circulation, stamina, and energy, turn to CEP Progressive+ Run Ultralight Calf Sleeves. Each pair helps reduce vibration to promote healing and alleviate muscle trauma. These Ultralight versions are made of 25% lighter and even more breathable material. Ideal for runners and triathletes over short and medium distances and all ball sports.

    • Provides maximum muscle stabilization for optimum performance.
    • Delivers improved coordination of movement.
    • Increases oxygen to optimize muscles and removes lactic acid.
    • A nylon and spandex construction provides a soft and flexible feel.
    • Made with latex-free materials.

    CEP is owned by medi, one of the global leaders in medical compression manufacturing.

    CEP Sizing Charts


    2: 9.5-12" calf
    3: 12.5-15" calf

    *Measurements refer to body size, not garment size.