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22 Inches

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14M x 18C


170 grams

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E-Force Bedlam 170 Lite 2016

The E-Force Bedlam 170 Lite racquetball racquet features 64 inches of vibration dampening tubes hidden within the handle to give you less vibration and enhanced comfort. Launchpad Technology removes unnecessary extra cross strings to increase deflection and power. Even on off-center hits, youll experience great stability. The technology in this frame includes over 15 racquetball patents including the By-Pass Stringing System that provides a livelier ball response.

  • 22 Longstring Technology delivers more power.
  • Total Carbon head adds stiffness, durability and power.
  • Tri-Carbon Frame is fine-tuned for added strength and ideal stiffness for maximum power and control.
  • Increased ball compression; strings grip ball better for greater control.
  • Flexible shaft increases whip and power.


Bypass Stringing System: When a ball hits a traditional stringbed it strikes two adjacent string, the impact on both strings allows less string movement. This results in a less than optimal hit and a greater likelihood of string breakage. With the Bypass Stringing System stringbed it will never string two adjacent main strings at the same time, given the dimensions of a racquetball. This allows for a livelier ball response, more power, increased string movement and string durability.

Zero Richter Tubes X2: Vibration damping tubes are enhanced and extended farther into the stringbed. The main strings are now enclosed in 133" of vibration damping Zero Richter Tubes hidden inside the handle of the racquet. These tubes greatly reduce vibration and create a more consistent hitting surface for more powerful hits.

22" LongString Technology: 22" mainstrings extend unrestricted in free space from the tip of the frame all the way through the handle enabling the stringbed to store massive power.

Launchpad Technology: More power—removal of unnecessary cross strings increases stringbed deflection for max power.

Power Boosters: Solid stringbed, greater overall power. Vibration damping tubes surround the hitting surface cross strings.