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    Product Specifications

    • Composition Graphite
    • Cover Included No
    • Grip E-Force Resin Wrap Grip
    • Headsize 108 in.2
    • Length 22 inches
    • String Pattern 14M x 16C
    • Technology PowerBoosters G2, Zero Richter Tubes,Powerhouse Shaft
    • Weight 170 grams
    • Item #

    • Style #

    E-Force Darkstar 170

    The E-Force Darkstar 170 provides players with immense power from unique technologies throughout. The 22 LongStrings bring power while the orange Power Boosters G2 help to control the racquet. Special Zero Richter Tubes X2 wrap around each main string to provide exceptional vibration dampening. This frame is an improvement upon the original Apocalypse racquet and is made from 50 individual graphite pieces that are molded together.

    • The Zero Richter Tubes X2 and an extended Powerhouse Shaft create a more solid feel with less vibration.
    • Prestrung with E-Force Oxygen 17 Black.
    • Features more refined elements to improve durability.

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