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      Garmin vivomove 3

      Enjoy all the features you love from a hybrid smartwatch while satisfying your style with the Garmin vivomove® 3. This trendy timepiece stands out from the crowd of industrial-style analog watches on the market currently. Observe how it transforms from simply telling time to accurately informing you about your health and fitness, all at the touch of a finger. The Garmin vivomove® 3 has everything you need and more to stay fit, stylish, and connected.

      • Battery Life: Rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 5 days of battery life in smart watch mode and an additional week in watch-only.
      • Fitness Tracking: Keep count of your daily steps, floors climbed, workout intensity, and much more.
      • Sleep Monitoring: Receive a complete overview of your sleep with a breakdown of light, deep and REM patterns.
      • Heart Rate Monitor: Wrist-based heart rate technology records the intensity of your activities, heart rate variability, and alerts you if your heart rate remains elevated while resting.
      • Hydration Tracking: Calculate your daily water intake right from your watch.
      • Stress Tracking: View data about your stress levels and receive relax reminders to complete short breathing exercises to get your mind right.
      • Calendar View: See your schedule at a glance with this dedicated calendar screen.
      • Smart Notifications: Pair your watch with a compatible device to get texts, emails, and alerts all from your watch.
      • Activity Tracking: Accurately track your walks and runs. Pre-loaded sports apps allow you to seamlessly switch profiles for yoga, strength training, cardio, swimming, and more.
      • Body Battery™: Monitor and optimize your body's energy reserves using heart rate variability, stress, sleep and other data to understand when you need to be active or need to rest.
      • Changeable Band: Sprinkle some style on your wrist with a personalized band.