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      GU Roctane Protein Recovery Drink Mix (15 Servings)

      The premium quality ingredients in the new GU Roctane Recovery Drink Mix is designed to help athletes quickly replenish energy stores and rebuild muscles after an intense workout. This new formula twice as much protein per serving and the perfect blend of carbohydrates to help restore glycogen levels and promote recovery.

      Protein: GU Recovery Brew relies on whey protein isolate-not cheaper whey protein concentrate to create a higher quality and more effective product.

      Amino Acids: Arginine and Glutamine promote recovery by mitigating the effects of intense training and supporting a strong immune system.

      Carbs: Both simple and complex carbs (and lots of 'em!) in optimal balance will re-fuel your competitive fire and get you back to training and racing on schedule.

      Vitamins: Over 100% of daily allowances of vitamins C and E in every serving. Your free radicals will hate us!