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      8 Pack

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      Huma Gel XL Box of 8

      The Huma Chia Energy Gel XL 8 Pack is a great tasting option for runners as it helps release energy without flash-crashes or any hassle. The formula features a blend of ground chia seeds which provides fiber content that helps control the absorption of carbs for steady energy release. A recipe of fruit puree, evaporated cane juice and filtered water create an incredibly smooth texture and awesome taste while helping to reduce physiological stress and lessen physical fatigue.

      • Vegan friendly.
      • Gluten and dairy free.
      • Consume with water.
      • 100 calories per serving (1/3 packet).
      • XL Pouches contain 3x the gel of the standard Huma gel pack.
      • Consume 15 minutes before exercise and one packet every 30-45 minutes during exercise.