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Hyperice Venom 2 Back

Experience the warmth with the Hyperice Venom 2 Back! The digitally connected wearable device blends heat and vibration to soothe sore muscles. A lightweight neoprene wrap holds heat and vibration over a wider surface area, melting away stiffness and instantly relieving tension. Three levels of heat paired with three distinct vibration patterns let you customize the massage to meet your needs. For everyday athletes who need relief from muscle soreness and joint pain, the Hyperice Venom 2 Back brings you bliss!

What's New?

  • HyperHeat™ technology provides even and consistent heat distribution across the treated area.
  • Refreshed user interface and comfortable, lightweight neoprene wrap offer an improved and customized fit.
  • The Hyperice Venom 2 Back provides a 2x larger surface area than the original for more warmth.

Details and Specs

  • Three-button control for power, heat and vibration
  • Slim fit design for easy wearability and storage
  • extra compression strap pushes heat against your back
  • Up to three hours of battery life
  • Connects via Bluetooth® to the Hyperice App for customized control
  • HyperHeat™ technology delivers advanced heat therapy that warms up 6x faster than a standard heating pad, providing instant, soothing relief to sore muscles
  • Neoprene wrap and silicone surface allow for an adjustable fit and easy cleaning
  • TSA-approved for carry on

What's Included?

  • Venom 2 Back
  • Power supply
  • Three Additional plug adapters