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    inov-8 Fastlift 325 Women's Grey/Berry/Blue

    When strength training or working on Power and Olympic lifts, the Inov-8 FastLift™ 325 lifting shoe is the one for the job. Built with a highly flexible forefoot and a heel reinforced with powertruss™, achieving your next PR in the Clean, Squat, or Snatch wont be a problem. An incredibly lightweight design enhances the explosive power needed to execute technical lifts efficiently and successfully. These lifters can also be used to move from lifting to short sprints and functional movements like pistol squats.

    Upper: Lightweight upper material and Standard fit allows for toe splay for enhanced comfort and stability.

    Midsole: Meta-Flex™ allows for quick movement with natural flexibility.

    Outsole: PowerTruss™ and the External Heel Cage provide a strong and stable platform for heavy lifts. A sticky material on the bottom prevents slipping on wooden lifting platforms.