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    Product Specifications




    16 Gauge


    660 feet/ 200 meters

    Item #


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    WRZ9909 AMB

    US sales only.

    Luxilon Big Banger Original 16 (1.30) 660' Reel

    Polyesters. Luxilon's Big Banger Original string provides extreme resilience and durability with excellent power and control. Many pros still rely on Original to provide the power and consistency that is needed to stay competitive.
      All Big Banger Strings:
    • Give more power.
    • Are very durable.
    • Show no loss of efficiency.
    • Don't move.
    • Are impervious to atmospheric conditions.

    Durability: 9
    Power: 8
    Control: 9
    Comfort: 8

    It is recommended by Luxilon that you string Big Banger strings at least with 10% less tension than your usual strings.

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