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      MojiHeat Lower Back Wrap

      Feel the magic of therapeutic heat with the MojiHeat™ Lower Back Wrap. Target sore muscle groups of the low back with this heated wrap for up to 30 minutes. This soft wrap is ultra-portable so you can take it with you while traveling. The moist heat comes from ceramic beads that are activated by heating in the microwave, so theres no wires to get in the way!

      • Perfect for warming up muscles before activity and for easing soreness or muscle spasms.
      • Helps to improve mobility and promote faster pain relief.
      • Features a cushioned covering and sturdy core for durable comfort.
      • Provides up to 30 minutes of heat therapy.
      • Heats up to 130°.


      • Small - 24" to 32" waist size
      • Medium - 32" to 42" waist size
      • Large - 42" to 50" waist size