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Oncourt/Offcourt Infinity Play System w/Multi-Twist Mini Ball Machine

The Oncourt/Offcourt Infinity Play System w/ Multi-Twist Mini Ball Machine adds a new level of fun, efficiency and effectiveness to tennis and pickleball practice. Unique in the world of racquet and paddle sports, the Infinity Play System's features include:

  • The only ball retrieval system with a removable dual-function ball machine
  • Fun and efficient practice in your garage, driveway, patio or basement
  • Battery-operated Multi-Twist Mini Ball Machine included, holds up to 15 tennis/pickleballs and offers five adjustable settings.
  • Multi-Twist Mini works with or separately from the Infinity Play System. It is the most compact, high-quality ball machine in the world and is available independently from the Infinity Play System retrieval net.
  • Machine works equally well with tennis balls, transition balls and pickleballs.