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      Product Specifications


      motion control


      Black/ ViZi Gold

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      11.4 Ounces

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      Saucony Hurricane 23 Men's Black/ ViZi Gold

      Let nothing hold you back from reaching your goals. With plush comfort and trustworthy support, the Saucony Hurricane 23 leads you confidently to the finish line. Every step on the PWRRUN+ cushioning provides a plush feel and a responsive ride, keeping you fresh when the miles get harder. The supportive guidance frame works with a secure upper to guide you through the gait cycle. Crafted details like a suede tongue and debossed logos create the finishing touch to give this shoe a luxurious look.

      What's New?

      • Improved heel construction adds stability and relieves pressure on the Achilles.
      • XT-900 outsole material adds traction in slippery conditions.
      • Added medial eyelet improves the fit.

      Who's it for?

      • Runners with mild to severe overpronation who need a supportive shoe to carry them safely through their training.
      • Long distance lovers who need a shoe with a copious amount of cushioning to withstand many miles.

      Shoe Technology

      Upper: Suede tongue, debossed logos and reflective stitching on the upper combine comfort and aesthetics.

      Midsole: PWRRUN+ cushioning provides a plush feel and a responsive ride. Keeps your legs feeling fresh when the miles start getting harder. TPU guidance frame works with the upper to lead you forward without restrictions.

      Outsole: XT-900 outsole material helps increase flexibility and durability of the shoe.