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      SKLZ Trainer Ball

      Add more versatility to your workouts with the SKLZ Trainer Ball! Designed by professional trainers, this self guided stability ball helps you increase flexibility and strengthen core stability. It comes with exercises and visuals clearly printed on the ball to provide proper guidelines and a starting point for your workouts. This shows you which muscles are being targeted so you won't miss a spot during an efficient body-weight training session. Ideal for individuals of all fitness levels, the SKLZ Trainer Ball is an essential piece for a complete full-body workout.

      • Patented program designed by EXOS, the leader in human performance.
      • Static-load tested up to 2000 lbs.
      • Illustrated with 16 essential exercises designed by professional trainers.
      • Includes the recommended sets and reps to give you maximum results.
      • Comes with a pump to get started immediately.

      *65 cm diameter