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      Suunto 3 Fitness Urban Designs GPS Watch

      The Suunto 3 Fitness Urban Designs GPS Watch is the ultra-fashionable timepiece you need for your busy and active lifestyle. Not only can you keep track of your daily activity level, steps, and calories, you can also monitor your sleep, stress, and daily recovery. Help design and execute a successful daily training regimen with the advaned features included in this beautiful watch!

      • Features a stainless steel bezel.
      • Includes a durable, Polamide glass face.
      • Features a soft, easy-to-clean silicone watch strap.

      Key Technical Features:

      • Heart Rate Zones
      • Activity Tracking
      • Stress and Recovery
      • Sleep Quality Tracking
      • Estimated Wrist Heart Rate
      • Features 30M Water Resistance
      • Adaptive Training Guidance (see below)
      • Automic counting of daily steps and calories.
      • Displays running pace and average pace in real time.
      • Displays running cadence and lap comparisons by kilometer/mile.
      • Allows for indoor tracking of speed and distance while running.
      • Connects to a new Suunto app to log activites, sleep, and overall fitness trends.
      • Connecting to the Suunto app also enables speed and distance tracking and tracks your route, all based on your mobile devices GPS.
      • The adaptive training guidance comes in three different modes*. Choose the one that best matches your goal: maintain your current fitness level, improve it moderately (default mode), or boost your fitness with a more intensive plan.Whichever mode you choose, Suunto 3 Fitness creates you a 7-day training plan with optimal duration and intensity for each exercise.