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      Product Specifications


      head light
      head heavy

      Balance Point

      32.5 cm. / 12.79 in. (unstrung)



      Cover Included




      Head Size

      98 in.2


      27 Inches

      String Pattern

      16M x 19C


      50-60 lbs.


      10.4 Ounces (unstrung)

      Item #


      Style #


      Volkl Super G 10 (295G)

      The Volkl Organix 10 Super G 295G tennis racquet provides excellent torsional stability, even on the most off-center hits. Youll experience excellent power and spin with a tremendous sweet spot. This racquet is ideal for advanced tournament players.

      • Optispot helps the eye to focus on the hitting zone and keep attention on the ball.
      • Super Grommet technology allows the string to move in all possible directions for better dampening and energy transfer.
      • Bio Sensor provides 15% increased dampening.


      Organix: High tech carbon nano tubes surrounded by cellulose fibers to give your racquet a springboard effect. Organix will be loaded up with immediately again.Due to extraordinary vibration-absorbing properties, Organix gives your game 30% more dynamic power and handling.

      Optispot: Highly visual and contrasting optic field helps the eye to focus on the hitting zone and keep your attention on the ball. Optispot is a visual support to hit the ball in the center of the sweet spot. Elements of the same color,shape or size,will be seen on the racket,will form a visual center,which allows the players eye to focus on the center of the string bed and pay closer attention to the ball.

      Bio Sensor: An active vibration dampening system which provides the player with unmatched feel and a 15% increase in dampening. We place a pin with a mass at the end of the handle with the possibility to swing against the initial influence on the playability of the racquet.