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      Product Specifications

      Head Size

      17" x 6.75"


      4.75 inch grip length


      7.2-7.6 ounces

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      Wilson Juice XL Paddle

      With impressive power and remarkable reach, the Wilson Juice XL pickleball paddle helps experienced players succeed on the court. A durable, lightweight fiberglass construction wraps around a polymer core to create a soft feel and vibration dampening at impact. The elongated paddle shape helps you return those hard-to-reach shots. For players who consistently hit the sweet spot, the Wilson Juice XL paddle takes your game to another level!

      • Elongated XL Design: Extended paddle shape optimizes reach and generates more power with each swing.
      • Clear Spin™: Specialized printed spin technology on the surface increases control.
      • Polycore X™: Polypropylene honeycomb core dampens vibrations for an arm-friendly feel.
      • Fiberglass Composite Face: Strong lightweight material creates excellent responsiveness and shot depth.