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Wilson Steam Smart GRUUV v2

The Wilson Steam Smart GRUUV v2 delivers an exceptional blend of power, control and feel through a combination of innovative features. GRUUV technology features angled holes to enhance spin and feel. At the same time, its unique Smart Density Foam packs two distinct EVA foam densities together to create an unparalleled balance of power and control.

  • Countervail patented carbon fiber layer woven into the frame maximizes a player's energy, recovery and control by minimizing vibrations without sacrificing performance or feel.
  • Smart Density Foam packs two distinct EVA foam densities within one paddle. With a layer of high-density foam in the middle and two layers of lower-density foam on top and bottom, the paddle responds to the speed of the ball upon contact with the paddle face. This technology gives players the ability to generate more power with extra firmness or add touch with a cushioned feel when needed.
  • No Grit Zone removes the rough grit texture from the bottom of the paddle, leaving a smooth surface that reduces finger discomfort during play.
  • Killer Grit triples the amount of grit on the paddle surface for extra control and feel for the ball.
  • LH Technology delivers enhanced spin through an advanced hole-drilling process that maximizes hole sizing.
  • GRUUV angled holes provide more surface area upon ball contact for enhanced feel and allow edges of holes to grab the ball for increased spin.
  • Bottle Opener patented technology located at the base of the handle for those who want to drink responsibly.