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      Product Specifications


      HM Graphite
      Black Micro Core

      Cover Included


      Head Size

      97 in.2


      27 Inches

      String Pattern

      16M x 19C


      45-60 lbs.


      10.9 Ounces

      Item #


      Style #


      Item is returnable, but does not qualify for free returns.

      Yonex VCORE Pro 97 (310g) Matte Green

      The latest collection of Yonex VCore tennis racquets features the advanced technologies needed to help players implement greater power and dominate the game. The Yonex Pro 97 (310g) tennis racquet is perfect for big hitters who want to play big and win big.

      • Used and endorsed by pro player Stan Wawrinka.
      • Lock Booster: Improved grommet design promotes string contact for efficient energy transfer and power.

        Namd™: Revolutionary graphite is incorporated into the racquet's throat, where it maintains its flex during fast swings and supports heavy drives.

        Improved Throat Design: Featuring a thinner beam, longer shaft, and lowered throat for optimum torque and superior spin.

        Vibration-Dampening Material: Stretchy mesh is wrapped around the graphite within the grip to filter unwanted vibrations.

      • Creates 4% more spin, 2.7% more speed, and +10cm of bounce height.