Which Tennis Racquets Won the 2014 Australian Open?

Which Tennis Racquets Won the 2014 Australian Open?

The 2014 Australian Open is over, leaving some of us in shock at Stanislas Wawrinka’s victory over the injury-stricken Rafael Nadal and chuckling along with Li Na’s fantastic victory speech. Some of you may have known from day one that Li Na would take the women’s tournament, but did anyone guess that WaWrinka would rise to the top? And, for any tennis players looking for an extra edge in their own 2014 season, what equipment helped them to get there?

Stanislas Warinka

Stanislas Warinka uses the Yonex VCORE Tour 97. This racquet is known for delivering amazing power, enhanced accurancy, and so much spin, you may feel as if you have a serious advantage over your opponent. Yonex’s new MICRO CORE is a revolutionary higher density foaming urethane injected into both the top and wider areas of the frame. This offers improved frame stability for an enhanced feel, fewer vibrations, and unparalleled power.

Li Na

Li Na plays with the beloved, bestselling Babolat Pure Drive. This tennis racquet is known for having the perfect balance between power and control, making it extremely versatile for practically every playing style. The Babolat Pure Drive boasts an amazingly precise response and an extremely comfortable feel. Its graphite and tungsten frame offers 10% more power and energy recovery and the Cortex Technology helps to minimize arm injuries by filtering out negative vibrations.



2 thoughts on “Which Tennis Racquets Won the 2014 Australian Open?”

  • Wawrinka actually uses the Yonex V-Core 95D. It has the paintjob of the V-Core 97 Tour (and now as of 2014, the paintjob of their newest line).

    The proof is in the number of grommets at the base/throat of the racquet. 97 Tour has 4 grommets while 95D has 3 which can be seen clearly in photos of Wawrinka’s racquet.

  • It’s finally a game of tennis and does not matter the conditions in which the game was won. Its a fact that Stanislas Warinka has won the maiden Grand Slam title. In one of his interviews he himself admits that this was not the way he intended to win, however he aspires to take away the finale. Nadal’s injury has definitely given an added advantage. lets see how he performs in other matches.

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