How Should I Measure My Hand When Ordering a Tennis Racquet Online?
Q: I want to order a tennis racquet online and I don’t know have access to a racquet now to figure out what size grip I need. How should I measure my hand?

A: Finding the proper grip size is very important. This can not only make the difference with performance and control, but also help to prevent injury.

Most adult racquet grips measure from 4” – 4 5/8”, and come in 1/8” intervals.

When you go to a store, an expert can help you to measure your grip. However, before ordering a racquet online, it is imperative that you measure your hand at home. Here is a simple way to measure your grip size: take a ruler and measure from the bottom crease of your palm to the tip of your ring finger on your racquet hand.

Don’t worry we aren’t all perfect! If you are in between sizes, it’s always best to go with the smaller size and add overgrip, which typically adds about 1/16”. Overgrip is something you can wrap around your racquet to get more cushion or a better fit. Some overgrip is absorbent which helps if you sweat a lot; other overgrip is sticky or tacky. Finally, some people use it simply to change the color of their racquet or make it stand out.

It’s a good idea to change your grip regularly to maintain control and performance.

By Barkley