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Babolat Pickleball Paddles

Babolat is one of the fastest-growing pickleball paddle brands on the market today.
And we've put together the top Babolat paddles to help you improve your game.

For a more in-depth review, see our breakdowns below.

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Babolat Pickleball Paddles

Babolat Pickleball Paddles
    Babolat XPLR 2023 Pickleball Paddle
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    Babolat MNSTR Pickleball Paddle
      Babolat RNGD Pickleball Paddle
      Babolat RNGD Pickleball Paddle
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        Babolat RBEL Pickleball Paddle
        Babolat RBEL Pickleball Paddle
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        Babolat is one of the fastest-growing pickleball paddle brands on the market today.
        And we've put together the top Babolat paddles to help you improve your game.

        For a more in-depth review, see our breakdowns below.

         Babolat pickleball paddle reviews

        Babolat Rebel Series

        The Babolat Rebel series are made of graphite, which tends to be associated with more control (as opposed to power).

        The Rebel Series comes in a Touch model and a Power model, the only difference being that the power model is heavier. Generally speaking, a heavier paddle will help you naturally generate power, where a lighter one will require you to use more arm strength to generate power.

        So if you’re newer to pickleball, or just prefer a paddle that helps you generate more power with less effort, then you’d probably prefer the Rebel Power over the Rebel Touch.

        If you’ve built up your arm strength, or if you just prefer a lighter pickleball paddle that makes it easier to put spin on your shots, then you’d likely want to go with the Rebel Touch.

        If you’d prefer playing with a fiberglass paddle, then you’d want to opt for one of the Renegade models. Though fiberglass VS graphite is mostly a personal preference.

        Babolat Renegade Series

        Renegade is Babolat’s fiberglass paddle series.

        Fiberglass paddles are typically thought to generate more power with less effort, as opposed to a graphite pickleball paddle that feels lighter to swing but requires more arm strength. Again, one isn’t necessarily better than the other, it usually just comes down to personal preference.

        Like the Rebel and Monster series, the Renegade series has both a Touch and Power model. If you’ve got plenty of arm strength and want a pickleball paddle that can help you use more finesse along the net, you’d probably prefer the Renegade Touch.

        If you’d like your pickleball paddle to help you put a little oomph behind your shots, then you’d likely want to go with the Renegade Power model.

        The Babolat Monster Series

        The Babolat Monster series is very unique.

        For one, they’re the lightest Babolat pickleball paddle.

        They’ve also got a thin layer of EVA foam which absorbs shock upon impact. What this translates to is more control over your shots -- though it may feel a tad weird using the Power model because it doesn’t have the same explosive catapult effect that the Rebel and Renegade models do.

        The force is dampened by the EVA foam which, if you looking to lightly dink your shots over the net so they’re out of reach to your opponent, is a very useful feature.

        They’ve also got a sandpaper-like feel on the surface which is absolutely amazing if you’re looking to generate spin on your shots.

        Even if you’re good at generating your own power into your shots, ironically, you’d probably want to go with the Monster Power because it doesn’t automatically blast the ball like other power paddles.

        If you’re not great at generating your own power, you’d probably do best with the Monster Touch because it’s so light, and therefore effortless to swing, you can generate more power than with other pickleball paddles.

        How to choose the best Babolat pickleball paddle for you

        There are a few factors to consider when choosing your next pickleball paddle.

        Are you the type of player who likes to hang back and let the ball come to you, or do you prefer attacking the net? Do you want your pickle paddle to help you generate power, or do you prefer to generate your own which gives you more control?

        The good news is that Babolat’s pickleball paddles are broken down into three categories:

        • Fiberglass pickleball paddles -- Renegade series
        • Graphite pickleball paddles -- Rebel series
        • Both fiberglass and graphite, with EVA foam added in -- Monster series

        So let’s take a look at which type of pickleball paddle is the best option for you.

        Best Babolat Pickleball Paddle for spin, finesse, and attacking the net

        If you're the type of pickleball player who likes to play aggressive and use lots of spin, you’ll probably be more interested in either the Rebel Touch, Renegade Touch, or Monster Power.

        Great control, just a hint less power -- The Rebel Touch

        The Rebel Touch is made of graphite and the lighter of the two Rebel models. This means less natural power and more control over your shots.

        Very good control, a little more power -- The Renegade Touch

        Because it’s fiberglass it’s likely going to generate a little more natural power than the Rebel Touch. So if you’d like a little more boost from your paddle, this might be your best bet.

        Best control, great for putting spin on shots -- The Monster Power

        Ironically, and perhaps counterintuitive, the Monster Power is likely better for control and spin than the Monster Touch. This is partly because of the EVA foam in the Monster which absorbs shock, taking some energy out of your shot. And since it’s heavier than the touch, you won’t swing it as fast, and therefore won’t generate as much more (i.e. more control).


        Best Babolat Pickleball Paddle for hanging back and hitting power shots

        Great Power, a little control -- The Rebel Power

        If you’re slightly more interested in targeting where you hit the ball, you’d probably appreciate a graphite paddle like the Rebel Power. Especially since it still has plenty of zing to hit each shot over the net.

        Optimal power -- The Renegade Power

        If your main focus is horsepower behind your shots, then you’d almost certainly want the Renegade Power. It’s made of fiberglass and has a solid feel. You may not know exactly where each shot is going to land playing with this paddle, but you know it’s going over the net hard and fast.

        More control, extremely light, great for spin -- The Monster Touch

        This is the lightest of all Babolat’s Pickleball paddles. It’s got a layer of EVA foam that helps shock to give you more control, and a little less natural power. However, because it’s so light, you can easily swing faster and generate plenty of your own power.
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